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bookfrontDownload the book: "Preparing the teachers for a competence-based education system", written by the partners of the Sloop2desc project. In the book, the partners report on the e-learning 2.0 strategies that have been implemented to promote a competence-based education amongst teachers in Europe; the work of a community of teachers who have developed, in a collaborative manner, Open Educational Resources inspired by the new systems for certification of professional qualifications; the school-industry dialogue on the implementation of the systems for the certification of competences related to the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (EQF).

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The Sloop2Desc project

The project intends to transfer and extend the results of the former project “SLOOP: Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective”.

It focuses on the definition of Open Educational Resources developed according to the Open Learning Object paradigm, and is aimed at helping teachers in Vocational Education and Training (VET) to increase their knowledge and understanding of new educational systems that are based on learning outcomes and competencies. Specifically, the project refers to the European Qualification Framework (EQF), the reference framework adopted by the EU Parliament and Council in April 2008 to establish general criteria for comparing qualification and competencies systems developed and/or adopted in EU countries.

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Online courses
Online courses activated in the Sloop2desc project (for Italian teachers):

Portal and Online courses for Slovenian teachers


Il 29 settembre 2011 si è tenuto a Balestrate (Palermo) il seminario conclusivo regionale del progetto europeo “Sloop2desc - Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective to Develop European Skills and Competences”


September 26, 2011 in Milan was held the final conference of the project entitled "Workshop on Competence-based learning and Open Educational Resource"

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